School of the Spirit



A mobile school of impartation and revelation, offering weekly non-credit courses, including:

  • Born Again!
  • Genesis
  • Acts
  • Romans
  • Staying Delivered
  • University of My Enemies
  • Increasing My Anointing For Greater Effectiveness
  • Leadership Training
  • Thou Art A Priest!
  • Overcoming Your Strong Man
  • Preparing YOU For Your Ministry

Students’ Comments:

From Thou Art A Priest:

“I was pleasantly awoken in the spirit to the truth that I am a priest in the kingdom of God, and that all believers are called to minister wherever we are. We, as Christians, are being built up as a holy nation of priests. And those seeking how to survive the end of this age, will seek for the truth and enlightenment God has given to His people. It’s a crucial time for Him to minister through us to our generation.

Thanks to Apostle Anthony, Priestess Cheryl Nelson & Faith Five Fellowship of Ministries.”– Aubrey

From University of My Enemies:

“It was spiritually life-changing. It was awesome! I knew I had pride, but I never thought I was worldly.But, oh my, it’s just been a humbling course.”– Dianne

“I am very glad that I enrolled in the School of the Spirit. It has opened my eyes on so many areas that I would never have realized that I was into…This course will set you free from many bondages that you don’t realize you have.”
– Rev. David Jamir, JAM Worship Center

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