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You are an Overcomer

Rhema Wordon September 19th, 2013Comments Off on You are an Overcomer

You are an overcomer because as I am so are you in this world.

I’ve anointed you to overcome your pain, overcome your life’s experiences, overcome all the situations around you. I have overcome so have you. My child, you are My child. You are My child. You are My child, and if I’ve overcome, so in you is the DNA of an overcomer.

My child, you have prayed, but you’ve already overcome the thing you’re praying about. You’re weeping, but rise up in My Spirit. Rise up in My power. Rise up in My grace for I’ve given you the power to overcome. Stop crying to Me, My child, and rise up. Stop weeping over the situation and rise up because in Me is the power to overcome and you are in Me. You are My child. Rise up, My child and overcome. Rise up! The thing that you’ve been praying for is already here.

My child, look at Me. Look on Me. Look on Me. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Restoration Centre, Sun. Jun. 2, 2013. 




Submit to Me

Rhema Wordon September 19th, 2013Comments Off on Submit to Me

The cloud is growing. It’s growing. It’s going to rain. It’s going to rain. It’s going to rain. It will rain the purposes of God and it will be received by those who have been waiting. It will be received by a people who have been trained. Empowerment will be received. The power will be received by a people who are in position and have waited and have watched and have kept their lamps lit.

It is increasing. It is increasing. It is increasing. Stand and watch. Stand and see. Stand and watch because the power is coming. The power is coming. The power is coming that will able to demolish and destroy the works of darkness. Not in the way that you think it will do it, but in the way I’ve decreed it.

So I’d say submit to Me. I say submit to My will. I say submit to My process. Yes, submit to My process as Joseph submitted himself and he was able to present and protect a people that it was declared he would protect. I’d say submit to My process as Daniel did. He spoke when he needed to speak, but he was quiet when he needed to be quiet. I would say submit, submit and submit to My process and allow Me to process you and allow Me to come out of you. Allow Me to be your light. Allow Me to be your direction. Allow Me to be the Way. Allow Me to be the truth that you speak. Allow Me to be your truth. Yes, allow Me to be your truth and the One that you respond to.

Yes, I will use circumstances, and yes, I will use situations and yes, as I used Saul to train David, I will use the circumstances and the situations, but you to need to walk. You need to walk in My Way and walk in the Light of My countenance. Present yourself where My countenance can behold you. Do not hide from My countenance but allow yourself to be under My very presence, so the countenance of My presence will shed the light on your path and you will always walk in My footsteps.

It’s not your way and it’s not your experience that has brought you to this place. It has been My way.  – Prophetess Cheryl Nelson, Taken from Faith Five, Tues. May 21, 2013

God’s Word is the Plumb Line

Prophecieson May 6th, 2013Comments Off on God’s Word is the Plumb Line

My Word is the level. My Word is the plumb line. My Word, My Word is that which you must line up your life with, your speech with, your heart with. I am bringing My Word to bear and everything about your life must line up with My Word.

I’m the plumb line for every church, every family, every home, every life and He brings the measure to our lives according to His Word. The Spirit takes the Word.

You are not the level. Don’t assess it by what you see or by what you hear. Take My Word and let My Word become the level. – Apostle Anthony Nelson, Taken from Faith Five Fellowship of Ministries Tues. Feb. 5, 2013

The End of the Age/A New Age

Prophecieson January 14th, 2013Comments Off on The End of the Age/A New Age

This is the time of your visitation. This is the time of your awakening when men’s hearts will turn because the Son shall shine in the midst of the winter and You will cause even the animals to be confused, but the people of God will come forth with understanding and they will shine like the sons of God and light will flood the atmosphere and darkness will give way to the light and the end of the age has come and the glory of God will fill the earth and a new people with new life and a new name and a new spirit will operate in the glory in the fullness of the King of Glory.

There are a people that they cannot name them. They cannot name them O God.  They cannot define them because they’ve never seen the likes of them before.  They come with a different anointing and a different spirit. They’re moving in the earth, O God, in the fullness of their Father’s glory.

They will step through buildings. They will step through divine places. They will step into buildings and embrace you where no one can walk, but they will be anointed to do things that are not normal for they are chosen for an end-time people.

And the end of the age has come. The end of the age has come and a new age is upon us. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Fellowship of Ministries, Jan. 10, 2013.

It Costs Too Much

Rhema Wordon December 3rd, 2012Comments Off on It Costs Too Much

If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell (Matt. 5:29)

Last week Monday I was in the dentist chair, discussing with him the future of one tooth. I had grown attached to it after all we had been through together. It was with me during my adolescent years; saw me through high school, college, my wedding and many other experiences.
But it had begun to cause me much pain. This relationship was draining me emotionally and distracting me from what I needed to focus on. I tried prayer, Tylenol and even the Word, but to no avail. The tooth had simply deteriorated to the point where it was poisoning my system and something had to be done. My dentist took some x-rays and told me that it may be saved, but to fill it and cap it the price would be in the thousands.
Well, I can tell you that my long-time friend and companion would have to go. It was just too costly for me to even think about keeping it and who knows what the future may bring with it hanging around with the potential to bring harm to my system again. When I made the decision to separate myself from it, I felt the Lord saying to me that many of My people are unable to make hard decisions that guarantee their future.
We allow some people to hang around our lives hoping that they may be saved. The thought is if we share Christian love to fleshly people, instruments of the devil, they will somehow change. The truth is covering sinful practices never helped anyone. There are some people in your world that will never change and the only way for you to be safe from them is to put up boundaries for your safety.
Jesus makes it very clear that entering the kingdom of God requires a determination on our part. We must be single-minded and resolute. Jesus paid the price for our salvation, but we have to work out our personal walk of sanctification while we live here. There will always be opportunities for us to sin (miss God’s mark). But He has given us His Holy Spirit to help us discern our areas of weakness and His Word to counteract our enemies plan again us.
In Mark 9:47-49, Jesus, like my dentist, gives us the price of not cutting some parts of our lives off. He says the result is a future in the lake of fire. This holy commitment to press into God’s kingdom and be the salt of the earth I believe has been lost to a generation of entitlement-driven believers. When men do not fear God and believe in a literal hell they tolerate every work of darkness.
I am convinced that most of us tolerate some toxic relationships and practices that we know are not God’s plan for our lives. They drain us, take our money and time away from the Father’s plan for us, but we can’t find the strength to cut it off. We hope God would do it for us. We fast and pray and hope the Holy Spirit will do what we are supposed to do. I have news for you: God will not do what you and I are called to do.
If that relationship is causing more offense to your walk with the Lord, then something will have to give. The goal of our lives as believers who love the Lord and His presence is to be with Him in eternity. Therefore, nothing or no one should take His place in our lives. We should be willing to give up any and everything for His kingdom.
I call you, dear friends, in this season to a higher level of commitment to the One who loves us so much that He gave His Son, so that we can become His children. My prayer for you is that you may be empowered with the strength and courage to put away all ungodliness and lust of the flesh; that you may strive to enter into the narrow way that leads to life and godliness through an ever-increasing knowledge of Christ. – Apostle Anthony Nelson

Resurrecting My Expectations of Life

Rhema Wordon November 15th, 2012Comments Off on Resurrecting My Expectations of Life

By the time you read this message, the U.S. election would have been over and America would have their next president. He may live up to some people’s expectations, but I guarantee like everyone who has come before him, there will be some who will be disappointed.

There are a few of you who just don’t get involved with politics for whatever reason, so you just don’t expect much to change in the economy or life in general. To you I say, thank God that all of us don’t think like you! For life without hope for change can be very depressing. We become used to the way things are. Before you know it, a fatalistic attitude creeps in and you just accept that the way things are, is the way it will always be.

But for the rest of you who like me are eternal optimists who believe that even when they say the cup is empty you keep looking for something at the bottom of the cup. You just refuse to believe what you are experiencing is God’s final decree for you. With you, I would like to share the story I found in Acts 3.

It starts with Peter and John, two of Jesus’ inner circle, on their way to the temple to pray. They meet a man who has been crippled from birth and who has been carried to the gate Beautiful. He has never walked and has lived by others carrying him wherever he had to go. He may have expected that his life would always be that way. So his conversation was already suitable for his station in life.

This man would ask for alms from everyone who passed by his spot on their way to worship in the temple. His livelihood was dependent on his ability to draw sympathy from the worshippers and he accepted this as his life. One day he meets Peter and John and they do something different from everyone who he normally meets. They look on him and demand of him to look on them.

Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” (Acts 3:6)

That’s the God I know. When you meet Him and you see Him as He really is hope begins to rise and lost dreams begin to rise too. The disappointments of yesterday give way to the dawning of new hope and desire. Jesus says I come to you that you might have life and life more abundantly. These two men had spent 3 years as disciples of Christ. They knew first-hand what it meant to move from mundane fishermen into life-changers. You can’t pass on what you don’t have.

The crippled man needed more than a word. They touched him in a way that no one else in his life had ever done. His mother had touched him as a mother protecting her son. His friends had touched him in sympathy, seeking to carry him where he needed to go. But these men touched him with the same anointing that Christ had to break the yoke from his birth and to bring strength to his legs and muscles.

And he took by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. So he, leaping up, stood and walked and entered the temple with them – walking, leaping, and praising God (Acts 3:7,8).

This is the message I want you to get this season. Christ has come not to start a church or a new religious order, but to change lives and to give hope back to people like you and me who had no hope of changing our situations.Let us look on Him, stand in faith right where you are in that situation, change your perspective and move towards the place you could not go before. I know you are saying you can’t, but believe God’s Word over your life. All things are possible if you only believe.

Meet you at the temple,

Apostle Anthony Nelson


Get out of My Bin!

Rhema Wordon November 15th, 2012Comments Off on Get out of My Bin!

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18

In Southern Ontario, we have a rodent called the raccoon that frequents our homes each week and especially on the days when we are about to put out our garbage. We have seen a marked increase in the number of raccoon sightings and the trails of their handiwork since our elected officials decided in their wisdom to have the public separate food waste into recyclable bags and green bins from everything else in the general garbage. Now with these raccoons on the prowl, it got to the point where one of our fellow sufferers could not take it anymore and in a fit of rage, attacked a family of raccoons with a shovel. He was arrested and subsequently bailed out after spending a night in prison. But I must confess I would have bailed him out myself because I have come so close to losing my joy over the sight of torn bags with bananas, oranges, lettuce, tomatoes, you name it on the ground producing quite a mess to clean up.

I know you might be saying that they are only animals and they are hungry and they are only doing what they have to do to survive. That may be so, but like our enemy who uses fear to find my garbage, I don’t want what I have given over to the Lord to be used to torment me. This is what the devil does; he loves your painful past, your failures, broken relationships and every stinking thing that has ever happened or might happen to us. Then he goes to work to find them and expose it to the entire world. His chief agents are fear and anxiety. They come hand in hand to steal our joy and peace. Most of us don’t know that it’s these devilish spirits that work on us daily to rob us of all the Father has for us.

What can we do? I am glad you asked because like you, I want my days on the earth to be filled with purpose and the Father’s love. Now the Word says perfect love casts out fear. The Father’s love has to grow into full maturity in our heart and into every area of our lives. It must mature to the point where nothing in this world can shake your heart (green bin). We have to expose our fears to the Father and wait before His presence until His love becomes greater in us than the fear of that situation.

In my house, what I do is place a large stone over my bin then place it underneath the barbeque, so when the raccoons come, even if they can find it, they can’t get to my stuff. I want to encourage those of you who keep seeing the same past garbage of your life being shown to you again and again, to get mad in your spirit. Let God’s words through Christ be placed over every area and His anointing in you will give you the grace and power to keep the past behind you. – Apostle Anthony Nelson


Carriers of My Grace

Prophecieson November 15th, 2012Comments Off on Carriers of My Grace

Bring My kingdom everywhere that you go for you are carriers of My grace. You are carriers of My power. You’re carriers of My anointing, so My children I’ll declare to you even now, run with that which I’ve deposited in you. Do not look back, but look forward. Advance into the places I have given to you in your spirit for as you have received it in your spirit, room will be made for it in the natural realm.

Do not back up! Do not back up and do not sit down, but advance with Me in you through the battle to the front line, to the battle lines for the battle lines have been drawn even now. But I am in you and I am with you and the victory is yours. The victory belongs to you. The victory belongs to you for I have given it to you. It is in your hands. Will you claim it? Will you receive it? Will you receive it? Will you receive it, My children? The battle has been won for you. – Prophetess Cheryl Nelson, taken from the Apostolic Training Center’s War Room Oct. 11, 2012




Prophecieson November 15th, 2012Comments Off on Breakthroughs!

There are breakthroughs coming. They are coming in different ways. They are coming on waves. They’re coming on waves. I see them coming on waves. As a wave that is crashing in on the side of the seashore and a wave comes in, then there’s a break then it smashes out and then there’s a breakthrough.

Yes, it is coming in on waves, but you’ve got to be prepared to ride the waves of your breakthrough. There will be one breakthrough that will lead into another breakthrough because there’s going to be a culmination of things that you’ve been praying for.

You said, yes, another harvest. Are you getting ready for harvest? The farmer, when he is preparing ready for harvest, he has already planted something. He’s watered it. He’s watched over it. He’s kept things off it and then he waits for the time when that fruit will come up. He watches it and ensures that it goes through the process for ripening whatever the fruit is. Are you ready for that harvest? Are you ready for that breakthrough?  What is it you’re looking? You’ve got to have something in your mind’s eye in what you are expecting from the Lord. If you are expecting nothing, that is what you will receive.

A lot of us have abandoned; we have left our field. We’ve left the field. We planted something. We were all excited when it was time to plant the seed. And we got all excited and we were planting and we were planting. And then difficulties came. There was too much rain and we got discouraged because we just feared that the seed that we planted was going to get washed out, so some of us just walked away right then and there. Some people went back and said all is not lost. I’m going to see what can happen after this flood goes over and then the thing was just there. And you kept looking. You kept looking and you said God, there must be something there. There must be something there. I know I put something here. And Lord I know, I know and I’m going to watch over this. I’m going to watch over it for it to come to pass. And then just as you thought everything was going well, there was like a herd of horses that just galloped across your field and you’re like oh, God, what happened? What happened?  What happened?  But some people walked away. They hoped after the flood, but then with this, they thought I can’t take it anymore. But then there was some people who went back and said God, I put something there. I’m not backing down. I’m not giving up! I’m not giving up! I’m not giving up! You gave it to me, Lord, so I’m going to watch over it. I’m not leaving this place. I’m not leaving this place because I’m expecting a harvest. I’m expecting a harvest! I’m expecting a harvest! And then the sun came. And guess what? When you went back, you did a little raking. You did a little moving and stirring of the ground and piling on and guess what? Your harvest is coming! Your harvest is coming!

I hear the Lord saying your harvest is coming and it’s coming in the form of a breakthrough. It’s coming in the form of a breakthrough and don’t be surprised cause it’s going to seem like it’s too much, like you can’t handle it. But He’s your Helper – the Holy Spirit – and He’s going to help you receive your harvest and to contain your harvest and to deal with the overflow from your harvest and I see others coming in to help you to reap your harvest.

Yes, it’s coming in waves. It’s coming in waves. It’s coming in different waves. Prepare yourself for your harvest! Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough! Don’t give up and don’t fear says the Lord!– Prophetess Cheryl Nelson

You have laboured long, My child. You have struggled through the heat. You’ve struggled through the hard times. You’ve kept faithful. You’ve kept going and going and going when you wanted to give up, but you kept going. You kept trusting in the hard times. You saw no result, but you got up anyway. You kept pushing, you kept pushing and you kept pushing. You kept believing when it seemed impossible. You kept going when you felt like you wanted to give up because you know that I will never forsake you, and I will never let you down.

Your breakthrough is already here, My child. The sun is about to shine on you. The clouds are going away and this is a new day and a new season. That which you have planted will bring forth fruit. That which you have sowed, there is a harvest. There is a harvest which I am bringing to you that you can’t contain. For this is My season of breakthrough.

I have come to you and I have declared that I’m here right now. Your breakthrough’s here. Your breakthrough is here. – Apostle Anthony Nelson

I see a picture of the man at the pool when the man was just weeping for someone to just help him breakthrough, and I see the Lord sending breakthrough for you tonight. I see the reality of this man, and when he began to get up because the Lord spoke to him. He said rise up.

I see a picture of those around him, voices saying what are you doing?  What are you doing? And I see like invisible hands trying to reach towards him; invisible hands trying to reach towards you. Thoughts coming to you saying, what are you doing?  Voices questioning, what are you about to do?  Why are you thinking that way? Just stay where you are; don’t move!

But I hear the Lord saying it’s your breakthrough. I hear the Lord saying now come to Me because I am the breakthrough that you need.– Apostle Anthony Nelson, Taken from the Apostolic Training Center’s War Room, Aug. 23, 2012.





















Pressing In

Prophecieson August 12th, 2012Comments Off on Pressing In

I see a crowd of people behind two very tall, metal gates. Its two large gates and people are pressed in but they can’t get out of the gates. And then I saw a hand just come from nowhere and just move the lock and the gates swung wide open.

 And the crowd of people that were just pressing against the gate were just pressed right out. And they just kept coming out, kept coming out, kept coming out because the gate that held them back just suddenly a hand out of nowhere opened it and they were free. – Apostle Anthony Nelson

 I am your Strength. I am your Direction and I am your Way-Maker. Stop trying to do what only I can do. Rest in Me and keep pressing in.

Prophetess Cheryl Nelson