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Rhema Wordon September 12th, 2016Comments Off on I WILL BRING YOU BACK

Just as today is the anniversary of 9-11, I want you to know I’m a Redeemer. The thing that appeared to shatter you, I will use to rebuild your life. The thing that came to destroy you, you will destroy. The enemy has earmarked you for death, but I have already decreed life. This is not the end of you, but the beginning.


Some will have their first born again experience. Some will meet Me again as their first love. But you will come back from this, but only through My Life; only by My Way.


Let this be as it was when I rose from the dead. Heaven cheered and hell trembled – principalities and powers were disarmed because the thing it attempted to use on Me wasn’t strong enough to keep Me down or dead and neither is what the enemy has used on you.


I will bring you back. I will turn it around. I will give you beauty for ashes. The oil of joy for mourning.


Some of you have not known where you are since that thing shattered. But I will bring you back to yourself – your true self. You are not defeated. If you were, you could never rise again. But go now and be the sign and wonder you were called to be and testify of Me. – Renae Jarrett, from Sept. 10, 2016


Rhema Wordon August 5th, 2016Comments Off on A DEFINING MOMENT

This is the time for the Church to have glory. This is the time when a harvest is coming across the planet when men and women of God will literally begin to do great things. Some of our numbers will fall, but they’ll fall in the hands of our Father and that’s good. Some of us will rise to greater levels, but eventually we’ll all fall into His hands, so what’s our problem?


I believe the Father is saying you’ve come into a defining moment. This can be a time of victory or a time of defeat, but don’t plan for after this. Plan for this and let the Father take you after this.

You need to just wait before you say anything. As the king said, “Silence” because I’ve not said anything yet and whatever panic and anxiety, people come to you with, whatever drama is in their life is not in you because I’m already dead.

Our world is going to change suddenly and the people that are going to overcome and live gloriously are the people who have already given up this world and are beginning to walk with God and create an atmosphere for others can get saved and come into a relationship with Christ. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Restoration Centre, Feb. 28, 2016



Rhema Wordon January 13th, 2016Comments Off on A WATERFALL OF BLESSING
Doug Patterson
January 4, 2016
The Blast of the Shofar
There is a new sound coming from the base and the foundation of The River of Life. It is a blast of glory and the anointing is upon the water as it cascades over the rocks.
Quickly put your empty wine skin into the force and rapids of My blessing. Your wine skin will be filled with Living Water, and as you drink of this, you will thirst no more. It will sustain and hold you in times of travel through the desert regions, until you come across another Waterfall of Blessing. I have placed many waterfalls within your life. They overflow and pour down from the Heavenly Realms. They sing, they dance and they praise Me.
Drink deep and listen very carefully, for the sound of the shofars shall blast and cause the nations to shake, till every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the Awesome and the great Almighty One.
You are My children, you will thirst no more. The waterfalls are flowing in your life, and you shall praise Me from the depths of your heart. I have ordained this pathway and provided this blessing to cause you to be filled and overflowing with My glory.


Rhema Wordon December 31st, 2015Comments Off on YOUR LIGHT

The times are growing darker, but you shine best in the darkness. I hear the Father saying, sons and daughters, it is getting darker and that’s when you shine your light. Your light will be seen in the darkest part of the night and I will cause you to shine like never before because you were born for this moment. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from the War Room Dec. 10, 2015. 



Rhema Wordon December 31st, 2015Comments Off on I AM YOUR PORTION

In My presence is fullness of joy and at My right hand are pleasures forevermore, so stay in My presence this morning. Stay in My presence, so you can have joy and from My joy, you will have the strength that you need. For when you are weak, I am strong in you as you are in My presence and you remain in My joy.

For I am your Source. I am your Hope. I am your Strength. I am your Exceeding Great Reward. I am your Portion. I am your Portion. I am your Portion. Receive Me and receive the Portion that you need for this season for this time, for this experience, for this moment. Receive Me for I am your Portion, so receive Me this morning. Abide in My presence, so you can have My joy. I am your sufficiency. I am your Strength in weakness. Receive Me – your Portion – today. Prophetess Cheryl Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Restoration Centre, Nov. 8, 2015.

Beware of Relational Traps

Rhema Wordon October 24th, 2015Comments Off on Beware of Relational Traps

Many of my greatest warriors are walking through the minefields of relational traps. They have allowed their love for certain people to blind them to the potential  dangers these people can have on their ministry. 

It is not easy My loved ones, but this is a time to strengthen yourself in Me and set your focus on My kingdom and My will. Do not look at who is following you; just follow Me and I will do the rest. 

– Anthony Nelson

The Culture of Recall

Rhema Wordon April 3rd, 2014Comments Off on The Culture of Recall

I am writing this piece after hearing over the radio that Nissan is recalling millions of cars because of defective air bags. This has become a familiar tune, played by several of the big name auto companies over the last little while and it as began to concern me.

I am the kind of person that if something begins to happen too often, I ask questions like: is this a new trend? Is there some underlining problem with our work standards? Are there more things that need to be recalled but have not been?

It seems to me, friends that we have now grown accustomed to a recall society. If the marriage does not live up to our expectations recall it; if that politician does not fulfill what I want, recall him, after all we are the ones that need to be satisfied and entertained.

Please don’t get me wrong: I am not saying that products and people who are not doing their job should be left to endanger lives. But it appears with our global economy and the need to compete with the rest of the world that our standards have dropped and the spirit of excellence that once ruled supreme has now been relegated to solitary confinement, never to be seen only on rare occasions like when we host the Winter Olympics or when the Pan Am Games come knocking.

We let the spirit of excellence out for show, but never for daily exercise and God forbid if we let him talk with other inmates. It might inspire them to look beyond the spreadsheets and bank accounts. The inmates may become free to do great work again. People might take pride in a good job at the end of the day instead of making sure they have all their sick days and pension plan in place.

I think we all need to be very thankful that God has never recalled any of His blessings to us. The sun is the very same one from the beginning of time, nature with its lush plants and the oceans are still teeming with life. God has never had a day when anything He did needed to be recalled.

I believe it’s time for all of us to take pride once again in doing what we are called to with a sense of call and responsibility. Stop rushing on and slow down and live your life well, for God has called you to this earth for His good works and there is no recall in His nature.

Have a great day. Live long and prosper!

Apostle Anthony Nelson

Mar. 26, 2014


The Battle is Already Won!

Rhema Wordon September 20th, 2013Comments Off on The Battle is Already Won!

The battle is already won. I declare that I am your Strength. I declare that I am your Exceedingly Great Reward. I declare that I will stand in you, and I will stand with you.

Do not be afraid. Do not be dismayed for I the Lord your God am with you. I am with you in and through this battle. I am with you in and through every circumstance and every situation that you that would walk in if you would submit yourself to Me. I am strong in you. – Prophetess Cheryl Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Restoration Centre, Sun. Aug. 25, 2013.

Lay it all Down

Rhema Wordon September 19th, 2013Comments Off on Lay it all Down

My yoke is easy and My burden is light. My yoke is easy and My burden is light, so lay it all down. Lay it all down, and I will show you as you watch Me, as you listen to Me, as you spend time with Me, and I will tell you. I will direct you in what to pick up, to carry. Yes, I’ll direct you in the way you should go. – Prophetess Cheryl Nelson. Taken from the War Room, Thurs. Jun. 13, 2013.




You are an Overcomer

Rhema Wordon September 19th, 2013Comments Off on You are an Overcomer

You are an overcomer because as I am so are you in this world.

I’ve anointed you to overcome your pain, overcome your life’s experiences, overcome all the situations around you. I have overcome so have you. My child, you are My child. You are My child. You are My child, and if I’ve overcome, so in you is the DNA of an overcomer.

My child, you have prayed, but you’ve already overcome the thing you’re praying about. You’re weeping, but rise up in My Spirit. Rise up in My power. Rise up in My grace for I’ve given you the power to overcome. Stop crying to Me, My child, and rise up. Stop weeping over the situation and rise up because in Me is the power to overcome and you are in Me. You are My child. Rise up, My child and overcome. Rise up! The thing that you’ve been praying for is already here.

My child, look at Me. Look on Me. Look on Me. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Restoration Centre, Sun. Jun. 2, 2013.