You are an Overcomer

Rhema Wordon September 19th, 2013Comments Off on You are an Overcomer

You are an overcomer because as I am so are you in this world.

I’ve anointed you to overcome your pain, overcome your life’s experiences, overcome all the situations around you. I have overcome so have you. My child, you are My child. You are My child. You are My child, and if I’ve overcome, so in you is the DNA of an overcomer.

My child, you have prayed, but you’ve already overcome the thing you’re praying about. You’re weeping, but rise up in My Spirit. Rise up in My power. Rise up in My grace for I’ve given you the power to overcome. Stop crying to Me, My child, and rise up. Stop weeping over the situation and rise up because in Me is the power to overcome and you are in Me. You are My child. Rise up, My child and overcome. Rise up! The thing that you’ve been praying for is already here.

My child, look at Me. Look on Me. Look on Me. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Restoration Centre, Sun. Jun. 2, 2013. 




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