The Culture of Recall

Rhema Wordon April 3rd, 2014Comments Off on The Culture of Recall

I am writing this piece after hearing over the radio that Nissan is recalling millions of cars because of defective air bags. This has become a familiar tune, played by several of the big name auto companies over the last little while and it as began to concern me.

I am the kind of person that if something begins to happen too often, I ask questions like: is this a new trend? Is there some underlining problem with our work standards? Are there more things that need to be recalled but have not been?

It seems to me, friends that we have now grown accustomed to a recall society. If the marriage does not live up to our expectations recall it; if that politician does not fulfill what I want, recall him, after all we are the ones that need to be satisfied and entertained.

Please don’t get me wrong: I am not saying that products and people who are not doing their job should be left to endanger lives. But it appears with our global economy and the need to compete with the rest of the world that our standards have dropped and the spirit of excellence that once ruled supreme has now been relegated to solitary confinement, never to be seen only on rare occasions like when we host the Winter Olympics or when the Pan Am Games come knocking.

We let the spirit of excellence out for show, but never for daily exercise and God forbid if we let him talk with other inmates. It might inspire them to look beyond the spreadsheets and bank accounts. The inmates may become free to do great work again. People might take pride in a good job at the end of the day instead of making sure they have all their sick days and pension plan in place.

I think we all need to be very thankful that God has never recalled any of His blessings to us. The sun is the very same one from the beginning of time, nature with its lush plants and the oceans are still teeming with life. God has never had a day when anything He did needed to be recalled.

I believe it’s time for all of us to take pride once again in doing what we are called to with a sense of call and responsibility. Stop rushing on and slow down and live your life well, for God has called you to this earth for His good works and there is no recall in His nature.

Have a great day. Live long and prosper!

Apostle Anthony Nelson

Mar. 26, 2014


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