This is the Day

Prophecieson October 30th, 2014Comments Off on This is the Day

This is the day when an apostolic people are going to come together in such unity, power and strength. This is the day when God will transfer wealth, prosperity and blessing to a corporate people who have learned how to get over themselves and walk together. This is the day when we’re all going to come into unity, so when I need something, it will flow from him to me. This is the day when I won’t ask you if you can afford it because if I can afford it, it’s going to get to you. This is the day when there’s a walk and as that walk happens, the earth will say, “How could they do this?” Because they walk to their Father’s beat. They’re not here to establish themselves, but establish the Father. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Restoration Centre, Aug. 10, 2014.

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