The End of the Age/A New Age

Prophecieson January 14th, 2013Comments Off on The End of the Age/A New Age

This is the time of your visitation. This is the time of your awakening when men’s hearts will turn because the Son shall shine in the midst of the winter and You will cause even the animals to be confused, but the people of God will come forth with understanding and they will shine like the sons of God and light will flood the atmosphere and darkness will give way to the light and the end of the age has come and the glory of God will fill the earth and a new people with new life and a new name and a new spirit will operate in the glory in the fullness of the King of Glory.

There are a people that they cannot name them. They cannot name them O God.  They cannot define them because they’ve never seen the likes of them before.  They come with a different anointing and a different spirit. They’re moving in the earth, O God, in the fullness of their Father’s glory.

They will step through buildings. They will step through divine places. They will step into buildings and embrace you where no one can walk, but they will be anointed to do things that are not normal for they are chosen for an end-time people.

And the end of the age has come. The end of the age has come and a new age is upon us. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from Faith Five Fellowship of Ministries, Jan. 10, 2013.

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