Prophecieson January 21st, 2016Comments Off on I AM UNSTOPPABLE!

God says, remember who I am that I am unstoppable, unshakeable and therefore, you can be immovable in Christ Jesus. The kingdom has continued on from the time that was before you and I would declare to you that there is something that is in motion today and I declare get in on it. Get into the flow that I am moving in. Do not be moved by the things that are on the outside, but by the kingdom that is in you. Be directed by it even as I would direct you.

You are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken. This is what you are a part of and this is who I am. And I would say, let I am speak louder to you than anything that you would face, anything that you would see, anything that you would hear.

I am unstoppable and so is My will. I am still moving through those I can show myself strong through, so do not be moved by your weakness. Let Me take you even now and be strong through you. Yes, you are in earthen vessels. Yes, you feel the shaking and the tremors of the earth, but I’d say to you that this is not the basis of your reality. You are in Christ Jesus if you are a son or daughter of God and I say do not be moved. Do not be moved, but let Me move you out of a place that comes from My Word and My heart for you that is already flowing according to My will being released in the earth through those who are about My business.

Why not you? Why not you? – Renae Jarrett

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