Carriers of My Grace

Prophecieson November 15th, 2012Comments Off on Carriers of My Grace

Bring My kingdom everywhere that you go for you are carriers of My grace. You are carriers of My power. You’re carriers of My anointing, so My children I’ll declare to you even now, run with that which I’ve deposited in you. Do not look back, but look forward. Advance into the places I have given to you in your spirit for as you have received it in your spirit, room will be made for it in the natural realm.

Do not back up! Do not back up and do not sit down, but advance with Me in you through the battle to the front line, to the battle lines for the battle lines have been drawn even now. But I am in you and I am with you and the victory is yours. The victory belongs to you. The victory belongs to you for I have given it to you. It is in your hands. Will you claim it? Will you receive it? Will you receive it? Will you receive it, My children? The battle has been won for you. – Prophetess Cheryl Nelson, taken from the Apostolic Training Center’s War Room Oct. 11, 2012



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