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There are breakthroughs coming. They are coming in different ways. They are coming on waves. They’re coming on waves. I see them coming on waves. As a wave that is crashing in on the side of the seashore and a wave comes in, then there’s a break then it smashes out and then there’s a breakthrough.

Yes, it is coming in on waves, but you’ve got to be prepared to ride the waves of your breakthrough. There will be one breakthrough that will lead into another breakthrough because there’s going to be a culmination of things that you’ve been praying for.

You said, yes, another harvest. Are you getting ready for harvest? The farmer, when he is preparing ready for harvest, he has already planted something. He’s watered it. He’s watched over it. He’s kept things off it and then he waits for the time when that fruit will come up. He watches it and ensures that it goes through the process for ripening whatever the fruit is. Are you ready for that harvest? Are you ready for that breakthrough?  What is it you’re looking? You’ve got to have something in your mind’s eye in what you are expecting from the Lord. If you are expecting nothing, that is what you will receive.

A lot of us have abandoned; we have left our field. We’ve left the field. We planted something. We were all excited when it was time to plant the seed. And we got all excited and we were planting and we were planting. And then difficulties came. There was too much rain and we got discouraged because we just feared that the seed that we planted was going to get washed out, so some of us just walked away right then and there. Some people went back and said all is not lost. I’m going to see what can happen after this flood goes over and then the thing was just there. And you kept looking. You kept looking and you said God, there must be something there. There must be something there. I know I put something here. And Lord I know, I know and I’m going to watch over this. I’m going to watch over it for it to come to pass. And then just as you thought everything was going well, there was like a herd of horses that just galloped across your field and you’re like oh, God, what happened? What happened?  What happened?  But some people walked away. They hoped after the flood, but then with this, they thought I can’t take it anymore. But then there was some people who went back and said God, I put something there. I’m not backing down. I’m not giving up! I’m not giving up! I’m not giving up! You gave it to me, Lord, so I’m going to watch over it. I’m not leaving this place. I’m not leaving this place because I’m expecting a harvest. I’m expecting a harvest! I’m expecting a harvest! And then the sun came. And guess what? When you went back, you did a little raking. You did a little moving and stirring of the ground and piling on and guess what? Your harvest is coming! Your harvest is coming!

I hear the Lord saying your harvest is coming and it’s coming in the form of a breakthrough. It’s coming in the form of a breakthrough and don’t be surprised cause it’s going to seem like it’s too much, like you can’t handle it. But He’s your Helper – the Holy Spirit – and He’s going to help you receive your harvest and to contain your harvest and to deal with the overflow from your harvest and I see others coming in to help you to reap your harvest.

Yes, it’s coming in waves. It’s coming in waves. It’s coming in different waves. Prepare yourself for your harvest! Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough! Don’t give up and don’t fear says the Lord!– Prophetess Cheryl Nelson

You have laboured long, My child. You have struggled through the heat. You’ve struggled through the hard times. You’ve kept faithful. You’ve kept going and going and going when you wanted to give up, but you kept going. You kept trusting in the hard times. You saw no result, but you got up anyway. You kept pushing, you kept pushing and you kept pushing. You kept believing when it seemed impossible. You kept going when you felt like you wanted to give up because you know that I will never forsake you, and I will never let you down.

Your breakthrough is already here, My child. The sun is about to shine on you. The clouds are going away and this is a new day and a new season. That which you have planted will bring forth fruit. That which you have sowed, there is a harvest. There is a harvest which I am bringing to you that you can’t contain. For this is My season of breakthrough.

I have come to you and I have declared that I’m here right now. Your breakthrough’s here. Your breakthrough is here. – Apostle Anthony Nelson

I see a picture of the man at the pool when the man was just weeping for someone to just help him breakthrough, and I see the Lord sending breakthrough for you tonight. I see the reality of this man, and when he began to get up because the Lord spoke to him. He said rise up.

I see a picture of those around him, voices saying what are you doing?  What are you doing? And I see like invisible hands trying to reach towards him; invisible hands trying to reach towards you. Thoughts coming to you saying, what are you doing?  Voices questioning, what are you about to do?  Why are you thinking that way? Just stay where you are; don’t move!

But I hear the Lord saying it’s your breakthrough. I hear the Lord saying now come to Me because I am the breakthrough that you need.– Apostle Anthony Nelson, Taken from the Apostolic Training Center’s War Room, Aug. 23, 2012.





















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