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Pressing In

Prophecieson August 12th, 2012Comments Off on Pressing In

I see a crowd of people behind two very tall, metal gates. Its two large gates and people are pressed in but they can’t get out of the gates. And then I saw a hand just come from nowhere and just move the lock and the gates swung wide open.

 And the crowd of people that were just pressing against the gate were just pressed right out. And they just kept coming out, kept coming out, kept coming out because the gate that held them back just suddenly a hand out of nowhere opened it and they were free. – Apostle Anthony Nelson

 I am your Strength. I am your Direction and I am your Way-Maker. Stop trying to do what only I can do. Rest in Me and keep pressing in.

Prophetess Cheryl Nelson


An Unashamed Army

Prophecieson May 19th, 2012Comments Off on An Unashamed Army

I see an army of God’s chosen vessels. I see a picture of an army of the unashamed marching through the heavens. I see a picture of spiritual warriors, an army, led by the King of kings and the Lord and lords. I see an unashamed company of people from every tribe and every kingdom, every tongue, every colour. I see men, women, and children. I see them from every corner.

They have joined the ranks of those who have overcome. They have joined the ranks of those who are following the King of kings and Lord of lords. They have been picked and chosen people. They are chosen because their spirit is yielded to the living God. They are those who are a part of that great army of God. They listen to one Master. They respond to one beat. They are not distracted. They are not caught up with anything else. They move as a company.

I see a spirit of dread. I see a spirit of dread.  I see a spirit of dread over them for the enemies of the Lord thy God is running because the unashamed are coming together. I see a company of people who are fierce, bold and determined to fulfill the Master’s call, and God is choosing them from across the nations. They will not yield! They will not die! They will live!

The Spirit of the Lord is saying I am here. Will you join My beat? – Apostle Anthony Nelson GlucotrolXl

What You Speak is What will Become of You

Prophecieson February 2nd, 2012Comments Off on What You Speak is What will Become of You

What you speak from your mouth is what will become of you. It’s not what goes into a man that defiles him, but it’s that which comes out of him. What is it that you are saying My children? What is it that you are saying, My son and My daughter. What is it that you are saying that I have said over you that you’re decreeing and that you’re believing even now in the situation, in this circumstances that you find yourself in for I am your Strength.

I am your Exceeding Great Reward. I am the Glory and the Lifter of your Head. I am the One that takes you from and takes you through and takes you to for I have called you to become. I have called you to become. I have called you to become and so as you become, My children, what you speak is what you will become because My life is in you. My life is in you, but I need to come out of you.

Speak My Word! Sing My Word! Decree My Word! Live My Word and you will become like Me. I overcame. I overcame through My Son. Will you allow Me to come out of you so you can overcome as My children? – Prophetess Cheryl Nelson


Prophecieson November 8th, 2011Comments Off on Shakings

Re: Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi’s death:


Gaddafi said don’t shoot, but they grabbed that body and threw it down. Every single physical man, governments, nations are being shaken because there’s always a man on the planet that is a carrier of an ancient spirit. He’s a definer of that principality, so even in Libya we see shaking, in Turkey too and all across the earth.

The earth will open up, so that the kingdom of God will come and those that have been sent with the message of the kingdom will be able now to come to places where they normally couldn’t go and bring the Father’s glory to the earth not to bring church, but to bring the kingdom of God where normally it couldn’t go. Certain nations are going to fall, and I believe the kingdom of God is coming, so there’s a pressing in financially, physically, emotionally, mentally. But there are a certain people on the planet that are literally known as the sons of God. Now we know not only are they going to move, but everybody is going to move. The truth is that God is calling you, but the enemy will send his people too. Everybody’s going to move, but stay focused and keep the Prince of Peace in our lives.  – Apostle Anthony Nelson, Oct. 25, 2011

Has your Sight been Affected?

Prophecieson July 14th, 2011Comments Off on Has your Sight been Affected?

Re: A vision of a person sitting in a chair with a cloth, representing heaviness, slowly creeping up on to the person’s shoulders and head until it covers their eyes.

I see life situations, disappointments, somebody speaking to you and something you expected just not happening. And little by little it begins to crawl over you. Now it’s not a suddenness and because it’s not a suddenness, the danger is that because it’s not, you’re not even aware of it. But it’s a gradual process. Until little by little your spirit man gives ground. It begins to take you over in certain areas where you were hoping for something, but it didn’t happen until you say, “Oh well.” Your soul just begins to feel weary of the fight, just weary of day by day having to deal with the same thing, the same people, and the same situation time and time again. Normally you would just press in and shake it off, but it has become so tiring to you that all you can say is “Father, you know.”

Now as long as you can see you’re alright. But you know what that heaviness does, that depression that sorrow does? It begins to creep over your life where there are disappointments, discouragement, frustrations. But the danger is that it will come to a point where it covers your eyes.

And the Lord is saying you’re dancing, but you’re not seeing what I want you to see. And as long as you can’t see what God wants you to see, you’re really under a covering. We think we’re doing alright and someone asks you, “What’s God showing you?” “Well, I don’t see anything, but I’m ok.” You`re not ok because it`s reached a point where you cannot have a vision because the purpose of the heaviness is to take away your vision, take away your sight, take away what God is showing you. When you reach that stage, you are so far that no matter what comes out of your mouth, it can`t help you because your sight has been affected by situations. It`s overwhelmed you to the point where you can`t see victory. You can`t believe you can see because before you can receive it, you must see it. And if you don’t see it, you can’t receive it. Your spiritual man must be able to see it, so your physical man can agree with it, and then your body will get there.

If you cannot see what God wants you to see then you cannot rejoice without seeing any change in your circumstances. Before anything changes in the physical, it must change in the spirit. Worship lifts you to the realm where you can see. When you don’t see, you have no joy. The joy comes from seeing not receiving. And once I see what God wants me to see, then joy comes out of my soul and when the physical thing comes, it’s alright because I’ve already received it in my spirit. – Apostle Anthony Nelson, taken from the Apostolic Training Center’s War Room, Thurs. Jun. 23, 2011

The Fear Factor

Prophecieson May 6th, 2011Comments Off on The Fear Factor

I believe a whole generation of us are about to experience this fear factor in a way that we’ve never experienced before, that everything else is going to leave us and we are going to find ourselves in a place and God says, ok, you’ve trusted in the systems of man, you trusted in science. Now this whole earth is going to go through a shaking, tsunamis, and earthquakes like we’ve never seen.

And the people who truly fear their God are going to create an atmosphere for blessings to sustain them. And others are going to come around them because God’s theology will rise.

I encourage you, younger generation, hear the Word of the Lord to you. God will make your world come to a point where you have to recognize, ‘God, I cannot do this without you.’ – Apostle Anthony Nelson, taken from the Apostolic Training Center Sun. May 1, 2011

This Is the Year…

Prophecieson January 11th, 20111 Comment

Two thousand and eleven, I believe, is the year of overcoming the loss of some close friends, some dreams, some visions, some things that didn’t happen last year. It’s also going to be the time when the presence of God is going to be so much stronger than ever before.

This year there are some people that you will intercede for, but you won’t rescue them. That’s God’s business.

We’re going to see more exposed ministers because they have no relationships. We’re going to see more losses financially because everybody is trying to build and sustain themselves on their own without godly, ordained relationships. We’re going to see churches close and churches open up. We’re going to see financial disasters, but we’re also going to see supernatural power on the earth like never before. We’re going to see some come to a level of relationship with God and man that will literally change our world.

It’s a year of manifestation. It’s a year of power. It’s a year of strength. It’s a year of provision, but it’s also a year of testing of relationships. It’s a year when God is going to prune us in order to build us. It’s a year of having more faith than we’ve ever had before. It’s a year of trusting God like you never have before. It’s a year when things are going to fall apart, but God is going to build up something that you never knew was there. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from the Apostolic Training Center, Jan. 1, 2011

There is a Place In Me

Prophecieson September 17th, 2010No Comments

There’s a place in Me says the Father where I desire to give you fresh wine, fresh water. There’s a place in Me where I have provided for you, My child, that you may come into my Presence and be refreshed and be renewed and be restored.

There is a place that I am providing that your enemy cannot come; your doubts cannot enter and your fears cannot survive. There’s a place in Me where sickness cannot enter; disease has no place to thrive. There’s a place in Me says the Father when you come, My child, this mortal flesh will fall aside. Your spirit will commune with My Spirit and I will reveal unto the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and that which I have given to you before the foundation of the earth.

There’s a place in Me, My child, that I desire where you may dwell with Me forever and ever and ever. There’s a place in Me where darkness cannot dwell and shadows have no place – a place in Me that is substance; a place in Me which is solid which is real in a world of darkness, shadows, lies, deception, doubt and fear. In Me, there’s a place where none of these can survive.

I long, My child, that you would enter into My Presence. I long, My child, that you would come into that which I have given to you from the foundation of the earth. But you struggle and you strive. Your mind is full of you and the cares of your life. But I long that you’d let go, My child, and enter into that which I’ve provided for you. I long that you may receive that which I have given to you before the foundation of the earth.

My child, this is your season of restoring, of refreshing, of renewal. Enter into My presence. Enter into My joy. Enter into the thing that I have provided for you.

Come My child. Enter into Me. Enter into Me. Enter into Me and receive today. The days are evil, but I knew before you were born that you would come to these days. I am not new. I am the same that was there before and I am the same today and I will be here forever. I have what you need right now. Come to Me. – Apostle Anthony Nelson. Taken from the Apostolic Training Center, Sun. Sept. 12, 2010

Your Identity

Prophecieson January 13th, 2010No Comments

You were born in the heart of God. You are here to manifest the glory of God on the planet at a set time. You are God’s chosen vessel for this moment in time and eternity. You have no birthing stage because you came as a manifestation of the glory of God to the earth at this time. You are His and you’re identity is secure in Him. You do not look to people or this world for your identity because God is your identity. He is your purpose and the reason why you were born to worship Him.

I hear the Father saying I’m looking for worshippers and there’s an end-time people that are My sons and daughters that are going to manifest My glory on the planet and not be identified with anything, but My Spirit.  I hear the Father saying I’m shaking off your past and giving you a fresh perspective. I hear the Father saying I’m opening your eyes and giving you a new perspective of the earth and your generation. I hear the Father saying that the old things have been passed away and those of you who were in sleep God’s awakening you to a new reality.

I hear God saying that I’m breaking that spirit of comatose-ness that you are so caught up in this world that God says I’m going to wake you up. I’m going to shake you, My son. I’m going to awaken you to My earth and My kingdom.

I hear the Father saying there’s no mixed identity in you. God says your fathers have been falling away. I’m giving you a new spirit. I hear the Father saying that you’re not the same person. No more mixed identity in this room. – Apostle Anthony Nelson

Stop It!

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You were born to stop something that has taken out enough people. That you didn’t expect to be here to deal with this kind of person, but you are here anyway. And you might feel the wound and feel the hurt in your legs and your body. But the fact of the matter is that you must stop that thing because you’re on duty. – Apostle Anthony Nelson